Starting Things Off Right

When Brilliant does things, we make sure to go all out. What does that mean? Well, we don’t just have a new name. Oh no. We’ve expanded our offices, as well. We now occupy the entire ground floor of our building, doubling our space and giving us an opportunity to renovate offices in the process.

Like most things, the creative minds at our agency need space and light to be able to blossom, and this move has opened up both for the staff. That’s right – after the move, we have natural light in our offices! As any Alaskan can attest, natural light is important. It’s a pretty big deal, especially with winter coming. To celebrate, we did what any logical person does when exciting things happen: we threw a party.

On September 24th, Bradley Reid + Associates officially became Brilliant Media Strategies at a launch party featuring hundreds of our nearest and dearest. That included friends, family, clients, media reps and more, all joining us in our new space that showcased the past, present and future of our agency.

Laughs were shared. Tasty beverages and delectable foods were enjoyed. There was even a little ping pong at one point (oh yeah, we have a ping pong table now). It was a banner night, and one our team won’t soon forget. And even if we do, we have pictures to prove the awesomeness thanks to our trusty photographer/Associate Creative Director Jontue Hollingsworth. Take a look below and, if you haven’t seen it yet, visit our new space soon. It’s pretty Brilliant if you ask us (Oh, yes…we’ll be using our name as an adjective all. day. long.).