Brilliant Backs DeeDee Jonrowe in Her Effort to Run Her 34th Iditarod

It’s hard to keep a good Alaskan down – especially if they’re a dog sled musher. For someone like DeeDee Jonrowe who has run 33 Iditarod races before this year, while things can get trying, it’s hard to really stop her when she sets her mind to it. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need help from time to time.

Jonrowe had a tough year in 2015. In Alaska’s Sockeye Fire, she lost her home, much of her equipment and many other belongings. Shortly thereafter, her beloved mother passed away and Shell, her biggest sponsor, pulled out of Alaska and their support away from her. For Jonrowe, really all she had was the hope of running the Iditarod for the 34th time. To do that, she needed Alaska’s support, and she found it at Brilliant Media Strategies.

Our team here – led by Online Media Strategist David Harper – in conjunction with other kind supporters put together a GoFundMe campaign for Jonrowe in hopes of raising enough money to get her all the way to Nome the long way: on the back of her dog sled. The team was hoping to raise whatever they could, but thanks to tireless efforts on social media and promotions in print and TV, the campaign has now raised over $57,000. It was a huge success, and one that shows how the state rallies around one of its own. And now? DeeDee’s on her way to Nome for the 34th time.

While we’re excited for everyone in the race, Brilliant is pulling for DeeDee Jonrowe in this year’s Iditarod, and we’re doing it in more ways than one. Go DeeDee, go!