Brilliant Backs DeeDee Jonrowe in Her Effort to Run Her 34th Iditarod

It’s hard to keep a good Alaskan down – especially if they’re a dog sled musher.
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Brilliant Media Strategies provides services for the Alaska State Fair.

So You Wanna Go to a Party?

What’s it like to help promote the biggest party every year in Alaska? We’re talkin’ a 12-day-bring-us-your-gigantic-vegetables-just-try-and-decide-which-fun-thing-to-do-first-300,000-guest-list-kinda party.’s BIG.
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Underground Heroes Ad

Breaking Through the Noise

How do you stand out amongst the rest of the advertisers? How do you not just sound like the rest of the seagulls? What does that second question mean? You'll have to read this blog to find out.
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Brilliant Facebook

Don’t Fear the Negative

One of the greatest fears companies have is of negativity on social media. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. We share why in this blog post.
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