With more than more than 25 years of experience in management, marketing and communications, Tina has played a key role in developing Alaska’s visitor industry.

Recognized by Travel Agent Magazine as one of the country’s most powerful women in travel

Tina Lindgren

Strategic Counsel

Willis is our strategy guru and all-around campaign mastermind. Whether it's advertising, public relations, government affairs or political media, Willis keeps his eye on the prize and develops winning plans and messaging.

Background in campaign management, communications and more.

Willis Lyford

Strategic Counsel

As our Digital Marketing director, David helps our clients utilize the Internet to reach new clients and markets around the world.

Works on successful, cutting-edge online campaigns, leveraging online media strategies to raise brand awareness and recruit and mobilize supporters

David Harper

Digital Marketing Director

Delphia is helping position our agency for a new era, especially in travel, where people are more frequently doing their research and making their buying decisions online.

Former Digital Marketing Manager at Contiki Vacations, the world’s #1 travel company for 18-35’s, who live on social media platforms

Delphia McCarty

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sarah provides fresh creative insight and support to account executives and their clients. She has a degree in broadcasting and digital media plus experience in radio and promotions.

Sarah delivers assistance for social media management, video production and collateral development for a variety of projects

Sarah Laurion

Digital/Social Account Coordinator

Melissa provides assistance to account executives on a wide range of projects for multiple clients.

Duties range from setting up photo shoots to working on corporate newsletters

Melissa Talaro

Account Coordinator

Tourism is in Kathleen’s blood. She has worked on our agency’s tourism account for more than 20 years and has an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the program.

Oversees production of collateral; creation of national advertising; coordination of direct mail; printing and delivery of business reply

Kathleen Fleming

Management Supervisor

Using his 20 years of media planning and buying experience, Paul tirelessly analyzes schedules and rates at our agency, providing detailed and effective media recommendations.

Handles placement of TV, radio, print media and direct mail resources on a national and local levels

Paul Aadland

Media Director

A longtime Alaskan, Heidi has a background in education and government services, and has lobbied in Juneau’s Capitol for four years.

Assists in the development and strategy of Southeast outreach effortst

Heidi Boucher

Juneau Office Director